Go-Shake is “The World’s First Disposable Shaker Cup.” Go-Shake is the easiest way to consume your daily health supplements without the hassle of cleaning. 

No Mess, No Stench and NO More Cleaning.

What is Go-Shake?

Convenient and simple to use

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Go-Shake Lid

Our Custom Engineered Lid with the Vol-Lock Grip ensures an extra tight seal. Our custom Go-Shake Plug allows the option to reseal the cup giving you better ability to carry your shake with you, throughout the day.


The "Shaker Breaker"

Our uniquely 3D engineered  “Shaker Breaker” technology ensures no clumps in your powdered supplements.


Earth Friendly Cup

Our Sturdy, 24oz, Eco Friendly Cup includes an easy to use standard and metric scale for proper portion control.

About Us


The Product

Our disposable shaker cup has a disposable agitator also known as the “shaker breaker” and a custom thermoformed disposable lid. The vision of Go-Shake is to combat obesity and advance health and nutrition issues by providing a convenient solution to consume powder supplements on-the-go. 


Made in the USA

Our product is 100% made, manufactured and assembled right here in the USA. It was our goal from the very beginning to create an American made product we can be proud of. We know that with your support we can help our local community and create new jobs. We've also made every effort to create an environmentally friendly product.


Free Shipping to Armed Forces

GO-SHAKE is committed to supporting our Armed Forces serving at home and abroad.  We offer FREE SHIPPING to all U.S. Armed Forces shipment locations to help propel the nutritional goals of our men and women in uniform. We salute those who lay their lives on the line to protect, defend and hold sacred the values of our great nation.